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Info about Law Brewery

The mission of Law Brewing Company is to present a Modernist perspective on the craft beer scene, embracing some of the identifying mod symbols in concert with the new modern vibe developing in the city of Dundee.

The Name; ‘The Law is an area located in the centre of Dundee, Scotland. The conical slopes of Dundee Law are a dramatic landmark only 572 feet high but it dominates the skyline of the city. Its predominant feature is an extinct volcano formed around 400 million years ago and which gives it the name; it either originates from the Gaelic word for mound or more likely from Anglo-Saxon hlāw meaning a mound, this is the plug of the extinct volcano. As the Law is the city’s most distinctive landmark and a popular attraction for visitors and locals, I thought this short and powerful word would lend itself to the name of the company. Hopefully this craft beer brand will have the same enduring effect both locally and nationally.’


Law Brewing Company
17 Mid Wynd, Dundee,
Scotland DD1 4JG

Get in Touch

Brewery: +44(0)7983 538277
Email: info@lawbrewing.co


Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 11am-3pm

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